BIGBY: Crescent Communities unveils plans for final chapter in decades-long Cool Springs success story


Crescent Communities today unveiled plans for Bigby – the culmination of nearly two decades of placemaking by the developer in Nashville’s Cool Springs submarket. Compact and curated, Bigby will blend the best of a vibrant urban environment with the curated and close-knit lifestyle that already makes Franklin one of the most in-demand addresses in the country.
Deliberately conceived to be an alternative to the legacy single-use office buildings and corporate business parks so prevalent in Cool Springs and throughout suburban America, Bigby starts at the pedestrian scale to deliver a place uniquely created to be the most complementary community to how people prefer to live, work and play today.
We believe the most talented people and corporations – to which Williamson County already stakes a great claim – are increasingly discerning as to where they spend their time and money. Those places and spaces that adequately respond to this desire in the most authentic and honest way possible will become locations-of-choice and in so doing, will deliver above-market returns to the sponsors and the communities within which they are located.
Bigby’s 350,000 square feet of commercial office and retail space, 330 luxury apartments, 15 townhomes and 200-room hotel will empower those who live, work and play there to blur the lines throughout the day, week and year to provide the highest quality-of-life whether at home or at the office.
Bigby is well-founded on a geologic characteristic of Middle Tennessee and the rolling hills and knobs of Williamson County – the Bigby-Cannon stratified limestone deposit. This layered rock provides a solid foundation and serves as a metaphor for the layered place and experiences Bigby will provide.
“For the last two years, we’ve listened closely to what the City of Franklin wants for its future through direct dialog with residents, businesses and elected officials that further culminated in the creation and adoption of the Envision Franklin long-range vision plan,” said Brian Leary, President of Crescent Communities’ Commercial/Mixed-Use (CMU) business. "Concurrently, we’ve been hearing from the market that walkable, mixed-use and amenity-laden destinations are what they need and where they are going to best retain and recruit the talent they need to succeed. We believe Bigby is the deliberate answer to both."
Bigby is located at the intersection of East McEwen Drive and Carothers Parkway in Franklin – one of the most visible locations in the entire Middle Tennessee region – and includes the existing One and Two Greenway class-A office buildings as well as luxury apartment communities the Venue Cool Springs and Cadence Cool Springs. The community is well-served by convenient access to both historic downtown Franklin, I-65 and the major employers and retail critical mass in Cool Springs – one of the most vibrant and competitive submarkets in the country.
To help ensure Bigby is truly reflective of Franklin, Crescent is partnering with locals on all aspects of the community.
“We are always excited to be involved in opportunities that will enhance our community. But Bigby is really special. We were given an amazing opportunity to help shape a place in our own backyard where our families and friends will go to live, work and play,” said Eric Klotz, principal at Nashville-based architectural firm ESa. “As designers, we believe great architecture depends to a great degree on the level of client engagement, and the passion and expertise Crescent brings to the table is enabling us to deliver some of our best work.”
As the final phase of a master plan, Bigby caps off more than a decade of development by Crescent in the Cool Springs submarket. Once complete, it will total approximately 1.8 million sq. ft. of office and retail space, 200 hotel rooms and more than 1,000 apartments and townhomes. This will create a larger live, work, play environment that enhances overall walkability and provides much-needed services, residences, amenities, open space and an alternative office environment to the neighborhood – all connected through a network of thoughtfully-designed trails and sidewalks.
“Design landscapes should tell the story of the land and create authentic spaces that reflect and honor the natural beauty of our region. We are thrilled with the opportunity to be a part of Bigby because one of the central tenets is to blend the built environment with the natural landscape in a way that will resonate with people,” said Richie Jones, a partner at landscape architecture firm Hodgson Douglas. “We share a common goal of creating a place to live, work and play that seamlessly meshes the built with natural. Through a series of thoughtful design moves we will enhance the experience by creating meaningful exterior spaces that work in concert with the vertical architecture, creating spaces that are not only beautiful, sustainable and flexible, but that also tell the story of our treasured Middle Tennessee landscape.”
“Bigby is a truly unique and authentic project, and we are thrilled to be a part of it.” said Jason Holwerda, vice president and Nashville market leader for Foundry Commercial. “I have been fortunate to be a part of the fabric of this community and watch this Cool Springs market evolve into what it is today. This is the next step in that evolution. Crescent has taken the time to listen to the community, employers, families and guests of Franklin and came up with a project that will transform the way Cool Springs thinks about a mixed-use environment.”

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