Crescent Communities is pleased to share our sixth annual Stewardship Report. The work outlined in this report underscores the fact that we are part of an interconnected web and that our actions and behaviors can have long-term environmental and societal impacts.

As a real estate development company, we have a tremendous opportunity to be innovative, reduce our environmental impact, and build community, not only in the sense of sticks and bricks but also in the form of human connections. We are building communities with an eye to the future – communities that will remain relevant over time as high-performing, energy-efficient spaces that support the health of the environment and simultaneously encourage physical and mental health and wellbeing.

This report outlines not only the progress we are making, but also emphasizes the many reasons we make the decisions that we do. It shows that we do not always take the easy path, and we evaluate our actions through the lens of "is there a better path" to balance our decision making with smart business practices for the environment, the community, and those who will utilize it.

We hope that the Stewardship Report will inspire our colleagues, our partners, and the broader community to understand the impacts that their decisions and actions have and motivate them to make choices that enable the environment to flourish and for communities to thrive. To view the full report, click here.