• 10/07/2020

Charlotte, N.C. – (October 7, 2020) – Today, Crescent Communities, a nationally-recognized, market-leading real estate investor, developer, and operator of mixed-use communities, revealed their plan to re-locate a live oak tree, currently located in Johns Island, South Carolina, to Charlotte tomorrow, October 8, 2020. The stately oak will anchor the forthcoming Ally Charlotte Center’s corner plaza at Tryon and Stonewall streets and will strengthen the already inviting plaza environment, which will serve as a new beacon of community, wellness, and sustainability in Uptown Charlotte.

The live oak is 16 years old and weighs approximately 45,000-pounds. Measuring 45 feet tall, its canopy spans 26 feet, and has a trunk diameter of 18 inches. It’s expected to double in size over its lifetime and has the potential to live for several hundred years at Tryon and Stonewall.

Relocating this massive tree will require a series of carefully thought-out steps to ensure a safe and successful transfer, and once in Charlotte, a 300-ton crane will be used to secure the oak in its final location at the corner of Tryon and Stonewall streets.

“Live oak trees are planted in historical cities for their character and appearance, and Crescent Communities wants to give back to Charlotte by bringing in a tree of this caliber,” says Amy Bezanson, Crescent Communities’ Director of Design. “Additionally, the live oak is the broadest spreading of all oaks – meaning it produces an abundance of shade – and this welcome respite in an urban environment is one we are excited to add to our city.”

Fittingly, the City of Charlotte has a long history of growing large, maturing trees, including in the urban Uptown area. Specifically, the Tryon Street Mall project in Charlotte began in 1985 and was one of the nation’s most successful projects to grow and maintain large trees in a city center. “We can’t wait to see the finished scene and know that it will become a special pillar in Uptown Charlotte,” says Brasfield & Gorrie’s Will Yandle, who is overseeing the community’s construction and the planting of the tree and is eager to continue this Charlotte tradition.

Not only will the oak tree provide an element of natural beauty to the prominent corner, but will also bring a plethora of benefits to the surrounding area. According to the USDA Forest Service, the addition of a tree of this size will reduce air pollution, conserve water and reduce soil erosion, encourage wildlife diversity, and reduce noise pollution, among several other positive effects.

In addition to the majestic live oak on the corner, the plaza will also offer an allée –a tree-bordered alley – of 14 Gingko trees, which will bring a dose of fall color to the plaza.

You can find photos of the live oak tree linked HERE.

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