We welcome and celebrate diversity.


Diversity Equity & Inclusion

At Crescent Communities, we both welcome and celebrate diversity in our offices and on our job sites. Because real progress can only be made when everyone has a seat at the table, we have launched a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Task Force as a tool to address disparities, encourage inclusion and create opportunities.

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Diversity Policy

Crescent Communities recognizes and values a diverse and inclusive workforce. Diversity embodies all of the differences: life experiences, work experiences, perspectives, cultures, religions, ethnicities, gender, age, socioeconomic status, and other aspects of life, all that make us unique individuals. Crescent Communities seeks diversity in its employees, values their differences, and endeavors to treat all employees with respect.

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Our Leadership Team

Our Leadership team is participating in a learning experience that provides greater understanding of other perspectives along with a forum to have difficult and sometimes uncomfortable conversations about what we can do to elevate all and drive change.

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DE&I Task Force

TASK FORCE MISSION: We will reinforce our commitment to create opportunities for all through an open and honest dialogue and develop proactive solutions that will lead to a more diverse, equitable and inclusive workforce.


Learning and Conversations

We offer all colleagues the opportunity to gain new perspectives and share in conversations to help us become more aware, compassionate, and engaged in the quest for equity.

  • Offer a minimum of four lunchtime learning opportunities allowing all colleagues to hear from diverse voices from across the country to inspire greater understanding and appreciation.
  • Create opportunities for conversation, moving from passive learning to active sharing and dialogue.
  • Focus efforts to reach colleagues from all offices by sharing stories that celebrate the diversity of our own broad development footprint.

Task Force


Ensure there are equal hiring opportunities within our organization and to educate our Crescent Communities’ team on the importance of diverse, equitable and inclusive hiring practices.

  • Increase diverse recruiting sources
  • Reinforce interview guide and practices to ensure fair consideration for all
  • Complete job descriptions for all roles to ensure consistency and encourage career progression for all

Task Force


Support partnerships that foster diversity and equity. We will actively seek diverse vendor relationships in all areas of construction and business operations.

  • In all sectors of construction target a 9% MWBE participation rate based on percentage of total contract value.
  • Ensure a minimum of one MWBE vendor for each major corporate event.
  • Increase MWBE participation by 1% each year through 2025.


Minority and Woman-owned Business Enterprises

Vendor Interest

Please register below if your company is interested in working with us in any of our markets. At Crescent Communities, we celebrate diversity! We understand that real progress can only be made when everyone has a seat at the table and encourage Minority and Woman-owned Business Enterprises (MWBEs) to engage with us, certified or not.