Being stewards is not optional for us.

Our commitment to stewardship reflects our appreciation for the beauty of the environment, the cherished company of friends and neighbors, the gift of health and happiness and our determination to cultivate and preserve these benefits so others can enjoy them. Simply put, it reflects our desire not only to provide shelter but also to build community and change lives for the better.

Statement of Stewardship

We are excited to unveil our third Statement of Stewardship Report. While we are proud of the stories and examples described in this publication, we also recognize that part of being a good steward is staying open and transparent about our efforts. We are honored to continue to share our stewardship journey with you. 

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It is a fundamental requirement to doing business the right way. At Crescent, we strive to incorporate stewardship into every project, to make difficult decisions that address current and future challenges, and to improve continuously. Through ongoing measurement, we hold ourselves accountable to challenging goals in traditional areas of environmental sustainability and in community building, health, happiness and longevity. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that the land and communities under our stewardship remain vibrant. We seek to leave behind legacies whose value builds with time.


At Crescent, we believe that stewardship starts internally. It must be engrained in how we live on a daily basis – not just in how we work. For that reason, we instill the ideal of stewardship in our workplace so that our employees can walk the walk.


Sustainability makes sense for the health of the environment and the bottom line. At Crescent, we make sure that we tread lightly and that we build communities that think ahead - so that in the long term, the community lasts.


There is only so much of a sustainability journey that can be told with words; words mean very little without the actions to back them up. We will continue to gather our data and “story” over the coming months and years. For now, we invite you to explore some of our favorite conversations around sustainability and we hope others will join.